Launched in 2013, The Power to Break Free Foundation is a 501c3 dedicated to raising awareness about gender violence against women. 


"As I reclaimed my voice after 7 years of silence and suppression, I discovered how deeply my heart ached to express itself. I found solace in writing, which brought me to the present moment in a way nothing else could. The pen became my savior to strip away layers of secrets, life me out of the darkness where I had been trapped, and open the floodgates of repressed emotions. Every word made me stronger, and slowly, I started to remember who I was, who I used to be, and who I dreamed of being in the future. I felt a force growing within me that was both profound and powerful. Its intensity amazed me and I knew I did not suffer in vain.

Writing became my vehicle to allow strength and purpose to flow and to find meaning in my life again. I surrendered to the process cognizant that creating this book would be an extraordinary way to heal. It was a privilege to have a voice again. Ii could not give up the fight now simply because the crisis in my own life was over. I had to reach out and assist as many women as I could to find the power within themselves to cross to the other shore and break free."

-excerpted from Chapter 30 of my book “The Power to Break Free: Surviving Domestic Violence”


We must be the change we wish to see in the world.
— M.K. Gandhi

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